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This is a repository for Express (ISO 10303-11) and Express-X (ISO 10303-14) testcases .

The idea is to collect testcases from the Express/Express-X user community. Ideally, a testcase should be small. (We don't want whole AP's like AP210 (ISO 10303-210) or AP214 (ISO 10303-214) to be submitted as testcases.)

The preferred method of submitting a testcase is to send it to the exp-engine-testcases mailing list. This will allow us to validate it against the appropriate specification before adding it to the repository.

Shortly we will add more detail to this page about how to submit a testcase and what that submission should include. If you have any ideas on this matter semd them to exp-engine-testcases.

Craig Lanning
Last modified: Mon Mar 9 21:45:21 EDT 2009