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green rows represent items that have been fixed
red rows represent items that are bugs to be fixed
orange rows represent items that are new features that haven't been implemented.
Feature Platform Version Status Description
CMU CL Linux future noted Make adjustments necessary for EE to compile and run in CMU Common Lisp.
SBCL Linux 3.2 fixed Make adjustments necessary for EE to compile and run in Steel Bank Common Lisp.
Fix P21 Header All 3.1.4 fixed Fixed bug in handling of header data when writing Part-21 file
Wrong Type Displayed All 3.1.4 fixed Fixed bug where Data Creator button said REAL instead of INTEGER
WHERE Rule Message All 3.1.4 fixed Improve printing of message for WHERE rule execution
QUERY Tracing All 3.1.4 fixed Fixed QUERY tracing
P11 pass2 parser All 3.1.4 fixed Fixed bug in P11 pass2 parser
QUERY, USEDIN, TYPEOF All 3.1.4 fixed Fixed printing of QUERY, USEDIN, and TYPEOF
P11 Parser All 3.1.3 fixed Parser should consider both local variables and parameters to be variables.
gen-p21 All 3.1.3 fixed gen-p21 file was inadvertantly left out of 3.1 release.
gen-oseb All 3.1.3 fixed gen-oseb file was inadvertantly left out of 3.1 release.
ANSI Compliance All 3.1.2 fixed Update load-expresso.lsp to be more ANSI CL compliant.
Single Rule All 3.1.2 fixed Fix problem in code used by Validation Control Panel to run individual global rules.
Msg Cleanup All 3.1.2 fixed Cleanup messages displayed during Run All Rules.
set-sticky-directory All 3.1.1 fixed Change set-sticky-directory to use expo:chdir instead of hcl:change-directory. This improves portablility by moving *all* OS/vendor specific code into a know place.
Current Drive Win32 3.1.1 fixed Use whole pathname when changing the default directory. This fixes a problem where EE would use a disk other than C:.
EXX Enhancement All 3.1.1 fixed Added support for assigning local variables in the project clause of a MAP declaration. Something similar to this will probably be in the next version of the EXX spec.
Error Handling (parser) All 3.1 fixed Add code to catch low-level parsing errors and provide the user with more useful information than what is provided now.
Error Handling (mapcall) All 3.1 scheduled Make sure that the args are of the correct type for the map that was called.
EXX Error Handling All 3.1 fixed Catch low level errors and resignal them as more useful errors.
EXX Error Reporting All 3.1 fixed Be more informative when reporting errors.
  • give definition name
Fixed P11 Bugs All 3.1 fixed Fixed several bugs in the Part-11 parsers.
Fixed P14 Bugs All 3.1 fixed Fixed several bugs in the Part-14 parsers.
Reorganize, Cleanup Parsers All 3.1 fixed Reorganize and cleanup the parsers.
Fix UNKNOWN and ? in WHERE All 3.1 fixed Reworked code to make handling of UNKNOWN and ? (indeterminate) values in WHERE and GLOBAL rules better conform to Part-11 specification.
Check Required Attributes All 3.0.7 fixed In code for Run All Rules, modify attribute type checking code to also check for required attributes with no value.
Handle NUMBER type All 3.0.7 fixed Handle conversion of a value into an attribute declared to be of type NUMBER
Fix CASE condition test All 3.0.7 fixed Use less restrictive cl:EQUAL test instead of cl:EQL
Cleanup P21 Parser All 3.0.7 fixed Fix parser code that referenced LIST, NUMBER, and STRING instead of cl:LIST, cl:NUMBER, and cl:STRING
CASE Crash All 3.0.6 fixed Under some circumstances the CASE expression causes a crash.
Path Qualifiers All 3.0.6 fixed Fix handling for forward and backward path qualifiers. This feature was left out when the parsers were replaced. Note that support for path_condition is not implemented, yet.
Bad result from FOR EACH All 3.0.6 fixed The FOR EACH expression produces an aggregate that is not compatible with the '+' operator.
express-equal uses wrong comparison operator All 3.0.6 fixed express-equal uses equal instead of recursively calling itself.
Minor cleanups All 3.0.5 fixed Clean up various bits in the source code.
access-param interface All 3.0.5 fixed Cleaned up the MAP interface for access-params. The code now looks the params up by name instead of position.
Type check MAP args All 3.0.5 fixed Check the type of the args passed to a MAP and don't execute the MAP if the args are wrong.
Clean up CASE expression generation All 3.0.4 fixed Clean up the macro which generate the CASE expression form.
Clean up Run All Rules statistics All 3.0.4 fixed Clean up the statistics output by the Run All Rules command. Add statistic item for UNIQUE rule checking.
Mapping Engine Recursion All 3.0.4 fixed It is possible for an infinite recursion loop to occur in the EXX mapping engine. The fix is to cache the result entities before running the map body.
Fix CASE Expression All 3.0.3 fixed Finish implementation of the CASE expression construct.
EXPRESS+: Schema Version ID All 3.0.3 fixed Implement specific features of EXPRESS v2. Initially, this will be the schema version id. Support EXPRESS file syntax:
SCHEMA schema_name '{ 1 1 10303 schema_id version 1 1 }';
Typed Value Error All 3.0.3 fixed The new P21 parser was not handling typed values properly. This caused the Run All Rules functionality to fail.
MAP RETURN All 3.0.3 fixed Implement support for RETURN as body of a MAP.
write complex P21 instaces All 3.0.2 fixed Wrap parens around the partial instances that make up a Part-21 complex instance.
Write complex OSEB instances All 3.0.2 fixed Added the ability to write complex instances in EE's implementation of OSEB. A more complete implementation of Part-28 OSEB will be incorporated into EE during the 3.1 series.
Newline in P11 string All 3.0.1 fixed Issue warning if newline found in P11 string constant.
Newline in P21 string All 3.0.1 fixed Drop any newline fond in a P21 string constant
P21 value mismatch All 3.0.1 fixed Signal an error if there is a mismatch between the number of value supplied in a P21 file instance and the number of attribute defined by the corresponding entity definition.
patch-version macro All 3.0.1 fixed fixed a problem with the patch-version macro that prevented it from compiling
Run map All 3.0.0 fixed It is now possible to run an EXPRESS-X map more than once without reloading the EXPRESS-X schema.
mapcall interface All 3.0.0 fixed It is now possible to explicitly call a map and not have to specify the partition. It is now possible to explicitly call a supertype map and have it select and execute the correct subtype map.
Data Viewer All 3.0.0 fixed The Data Viewer works again.
CLIM UI All 4.0 scheduled Reimplement the Express Engine UI in CLIM (Common Lisp Interface Manager).
Late bound representation All 4.0 scheduled Switch internal representations to a late bound structure
EXX Debugger All 4.1 scheduled Add EXPRESS-X debugging support. This would allow the user to debug their exx code. Support should include type checking, tracing, and single stepping.
Line Numbers All future noted Track file line numbers in the parsers so that when an eror occurrs the line number can be reported as part of the error. This will make it easier to find the problem in the original file.
EXPRESS 2 All future noted Update Express Engine to support features of EXPRESS version 2
EXPRESS+: Extensible Select All future noted Add the Extensible Select from EXPRESS v2.
EXPRESS+: Extensible Enumeration All future noted Add the Extensible Enumeration from EXPRESS v2.
Writer All future noted Update Writer code to work with new parsers and incorporate into User Interface
SMP Support All future noted Make more use of mp:process-run-function so that tasks can be spread across multiple CPU's if they are available.
FORMAT (Picture Representation) All future noted Implement the Picture Representation style of FORMAT.
Win32 CLI Win32 future noted Add support for the command-line interface to the Win32 version of Express Engine.
Short Form Schema All future noted Add support for REFERENCE FROM and USE FROM so that short form schemas can be used in Express Engine.
Win32 Registry Win32 future noted Add support for reading/writing values in the Registry. This will allow us to integrate into non-English version of Windows.
Strictness Control All future noted Add interface to allow the user to adjust the strictness of EXPRESS, EXPRESS-X, and Part-21 standards adherence.
Tool Separation All future noted Provide more separation between the tools. Some of the tools currently expect their schema or dataset to be the current one. Make the tools cache their data so that other tools can do what they need.
Part-28 OSEB (write) All future noted Upgrade Express Engine's current OSEB-like writing support to full Part-28 OSEB support.
Part-28 OSEB (read) All future noted Add Part-28 OSEB as an input mechanism for EE.
ASN.1 Schema Version All future noted Parse out the ASN.1 schema version in the Part-21 (and EXPRESS schema) file and do useful things with it.
Finish string handling All future noted Finish implementing support for special directives allowed by Part-11 and Part-21 in string constants
Encoded String Support All future noted Add support for reading and writing encoded strings
ILF Versioning All future noted Add a version tag to the Intermediate Lisp File (ILF) so that EE can warn if an ILF might need to be rebuilt.
EXX support for typed values All future noted Maintain full type info for all values so that Part 21 files can have typed_parameters if needed.
Path Qualifier path_condition All future noted Add support for path_condition in forward and backward path qualifiers.
Implement LIKE All future noted Implement LIKE operator.

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