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Release Notes for Express Engine 3.2

This release does not incorporate any major new changes. I mostly provides cleanups to various parts of the code.

There are several files available as part of this release. Please read the following descriptions to decide which files you need.

Basic Distribution Files:

When bugs are fixed, those fixes are usually made available as a patchset. These are made available in several files. Please read the following descriptions to see which you need.

Patchset Distribution Files:

Ocasionally, changes are made that cannot be released as patches. These changes are distributed by rebuilding just the executable file. These files are distributed in a compressed form. Install these by downloading the appropriate one and uncompressing it. Rename your original executable to something else (we recommend that it be renamed to expresso-<version>, where <version> is the base version of the executable). Next, copy the new executable to the Express Engine directory. Please read the following descriptions to see which you need.

Reissued Executable Distribution Files:

If you encounter any problems that put you into a console window in what looks like a debugger, please type the following command:

:bug-form "ee bug" :filename ee-bug.txt

and email the file "ee-bug.txt" to exp-engine-bugs.


Express Engine Team

Craig Lanning
Last modified: Mon Mar 9 21:43:49 EDT 2009