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Mailing Lists

On the Express Engine Mailing List page, you will find the following lists:

Patch This is the list for submitting patches to the Express Engine source code. Please submit patches in 'diff -u' format. If you're using cvs to do this, you may want to consider adding the line 'diff -u' to your .cvsrc file.

TestCases This is the list for discussing Express ANDOR Express-X testcases. This is also the place to send any testcases that you would like to contribute.

Announce This is a low traffic list which receives announcements of new releases and patches. Messages sent to this list are also sent to the Users and Development lists. If you join either the Users or Development list then you don't need to join this one.

Users This is the list to use for discussing user related issues such as installation problems, Express usage, Express-X usage, etc.

Development This is the list that developers use for discussing implementation issues.

CVS Messages List that receives CVS Commit message

Bugs This is the list for posting bug reports. Please include as much detail about the bug as you can. It is most helpful if you include an Express schema, data population, and Express-X schema (as necessary) which demonstrate the bug. If Express Engine crashed, please, include the backtrace that it wrote out as it exited.

Craig Lanning
Last modified: Tue May 17 17:30:01 EDT 2016