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Frequently Asked Questions

1. [Windows] I installed Express Engine, but it won't run. It just pops up a black console window that says
Error: An error of type CONDITIONS:NON-EXISTENT-DIRECTORY-COMPONENT-ERROR occurred, arguments: NIL

This should be fixed in 2.4.0!

The problem turned out to be a stray reference to "c:\temp" in some of the code. This has been changed to use the "C:\Program Files\Express Engine\tmp" directory like the rest of the program.

This means that Express Engine was not able to create one of the directories that it needs. Normally on Windows, it installs itself into C:\Program Files\Expresso.
When it starts up, it wants to make sure that the directories: (pre 2.4.0)
C:\Program Files\Expresso\tmp
C:\Program Files\Expresso\logs
C:\Program Files\Expresso\private-patches
C:\Program Files\Expresso\user
are present. The error above indicates that one or more were not present and it failed to create one of them.

Please type the following command at the prompt and send the result to
:bug-form "subject" :filename "filename.bug"
please replace "subject" with a short description of the problem and replace "filename.bug" with a reasonable filename.

2. [Windows] Why can't I install Express Engine in a directory other than C:\Program Files\Expresso?

We are currently unable to read values from the Windows registry. Once we can access the Windows Registry, then it will be easier to add support for non-standard installation locations.

3. [Windows] How do I install a patchset?

Unzip it in the top level Express Engine directory (usually, c:\Program Files\Express Engine\)

Craig Lanning
Last modified: Mon Mar 9 21:41:44 EDT 2009